What do we do?

Company of professional sound engineers, classically trained musicians, composers and producers. Offering services of the highest quality in entertainment industry for over 20 years!

Professional services

In 4 Rooms Studio we offer you a wide variety of services for any type of production: from Recording, Mixing and Mastering, to more specific processes such as sound design, musical compositions and advertising productions. We also offer a series of additional professional services such as analog-digital transfer, voice-over services, creation of advertising jingles, etc. Below, we detail all the services we offer.


We have a highly experienced technical team recording the best accomplished artists of various genres.


A mix between the best of analog and digital equipment for an impeccable result.


Finish your project the way it deserves to be. We will give it that final touch you are looking for.


Do you have a project, and do not know where to start? We will listen and help you.


We put music to your products or advertising campaigns, for Radio, TV, Internet…


A team of composers with a wide range of very different styles at your disposal.

Audio Restoration

We restore audios with annoying background sounds, jumps and reverberation. We do magic!


We love movies, and especially composing music for your movie or short film.

Voice-Over Services

Maybe you need a voice-over speaker. We have a database of the best voice-over speakers, in the language you need.


More than 50 video games under our belt. We will compose all the audio for your game – music, sound effects …

Sound Design

We will take care of all the music and sounds to accompany your film, theatrical performance …


They have won many awards and medals with our musical assemblies. Order yours.

Online Services

Send us your project and we will return it with the sound and quality it deserves. Easy, fast and affordable!

We offer a virtual space to make your life easier. You will be able to upload your material and monitor the mixes and the mastering while we work for faster last minute corrections. Almost as if you were present in the studio.


Online Mix

Very easy. We will send you the instructions on how to send us your tracks, and we get down to work.

Online Mastering

This is not easy to do at home … Finish your project the way it deserves to be.

Extra Services

Besides from the above-mentioned services, we have agreements with hotels and restaurants in the area, to make your life easier – so you do not get distracted and focus only on your project.

Accommodation Management

We can look up accommodations near the studio, offering a wide range of options and prices.


Food is very important. There is a wide variety of options in our area, so just tell us what you want?

Client Transfers

Are you coming by plane? No problem. We’re going to pick you up, at the airport.

Backline Rental

Would you like to record with a specific instrument or equipment? We can look it up for you.
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