Welcome to 4 Rooms Studio. A Studio created with great enthusiasm.Your projects are now our projects too!

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4 interconnected rooms available for anything you need or wish for.
Plan of the Recording Studio 4 Rooms
4 Rooms Studio, is a recording studio located at the State Puppet Theater building in the heart of the city of Varna, Bulgaria.

Founded in 2016 by 3 friends with a passion for music: Juan Rúa, Chavdar Gochev and Tsvetan Momchilov. They form a solid team with lengthy experience and vast knowledge, each in their own discipline.

Varna community was in need of a space like 4 Rooms Studio, where you can do all kinds of productions, no matter who is behind the project and regardless its size. Thus, from the very first moment, our studio received a warm welcome and our satisfied clients continue to rely on us project after project.


The studio consists of 4 interconnected rooms, perfect for multi-instrument productions, as well as for the wide range of services we offer. We have a total space of 90m² distributed between the Control, a Voice Booth /Insulation Booth (Room A), a Life Room (Room B), and a Chill Out & Relax Room which is also suitable for recordings (Room C Relax).

We strive to stay up to date with the latest technical equipment trends is and use the most reliable brands available on the market (Neumann, Rode, AKG, Sennheiser, Shure, Roland, Universal Audio, Joe Meek…). there is also an extensive backline collection of instruments, such as synthesizers, effects, keyboards, guitars and many more.


Control room in 4 Rooms Studio
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