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Our team consist of people with extensive experience. People who have worked and participated in the projects of the most renowned artists in the industry – where they have acquired their vast knowledge and abilities that otherwise would have never been achieved.

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Juan Rúa Díaz (Vigo, Spain 1979)

CEO / Sound Engineer / Sound Designer / Composer / Musician

Sound engineer and music producer, with more than 20 years of experience. Throughout the years he has recorded, mixed and prepared the mastering of renowned artists, such as Plácido Domingo, Bebe, Beth, Estrella Morente, Joan Valent, Melendi, Nacho Mastretta, Kannon, Lagartija Nick, José Mercé, Juan Rivas, Niños Mutantes, Orlin Goranov, Nelko Kolarov, Ivan Krastev, Izko Finzi, Tarsem Singh, José Luis Cuerda… among many others. Composer of original music and audio design engineer of video games, as well as of TV shows, radio spots and music for cinema. Worked with various recording labels such as EMI, Warner, Sony. Artistic Director of “EstudioUno” in Madrid. (2003-2007)

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Profile photo of Tsevetan Momchilov

Tsvetan Momchilov (Varna, 1981)

CEO / Musician / Composer

Tsvetan Momchilov is a French horn player, pianist and composer of classical and jazz music. His international career includes appearances in the USA, Italy, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Serbia and Bulgaria. He has worked with the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra, the Bulgarian National Radio Orchestra, the National Opera, the Rousse Opera, the Varna Opera House, the Summerville Orchestra (USA). In jazz, he is a pianist with JazzProfilactica, and has played with Dean Bowman, vocal (USA), Alexandrina Simeon, vocal (Germany), Dimitar Semov, drums and others. He is co-founder along with guitar Chavdar Gochev of Monday Jam – a series of jazz sessions and concerts in Varna and the country. He is a teacher at the National School of Arts “Dobri Hristov” in Varna, and is a founder and instructor at the music school “Bekar” Varna, as well as co-founder of the independent music label MoGo Music. In the studio, Tsvetan acts as an arranger, a sound engineer, and a coordinator of the studio activities.

Profile photo of Chavdar Gochev

Chavdar Gochev “Charlie” (Varna, 1976)

CEO / Musician / Composer

Founding partner in MOGO Music, Chavdar is an established and sought after guitarist, composer and arranger, fluent in classical, jazz and pop styles. He is an organiser of musical events and concerts in various genres of music, most prominently the hot new addition to the local scene – MJam – a Monday night Jam sessions with prominent local musicians. Partner and performer in mainstream events in the cultural calendar in Varna and Bulgaria all together. Chavdar has been guitarist with the funk band Akaga, with Trip Collective among others. Most recently he has created and recorded the project “Zenith”, comprised of his own original music. Combined with profound motivation outlining the ultimate goals, Chavdar aims for the creation, development and promoting of original music and performing activities in Varna and all of Bulgaria.

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